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The most convenient,

PRE-DOSED servings of pre-workouts, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, or ANY other granulated, pelletized or liquid product on the market. It's THE solution to single-serve dispensing!

green and spill free,

Dosing can be messy! Get the ENTIRE serving into the bottle, not half. Our thoughtful design accommodates ANY bottle, shaker cup, or other drinking device on the market!

dispensing package!

Consumers seek entertaining and interactive experiences. The SuppShot™ is an eye catching dispensing system that will give your customers a unique, convenient and clean product experience. The increase in shelf presence from a packet to the SuppShot™ is significant.

Green Dispensing System

100% recyclable unlike its foil pouch and sachet competitors. A 30% sustainable option made from a hybrid resin.

Cost Competitive

Top notch packaging combined with a large back-end infrastructure capable of supporting high volumes.

Large Payloads

Defining the market with the largest in class dispensing payloads for all voluminous powder and granulated applications.

Time Saving

Precise dosings of product hermetically sealed for a quick grab-and-go solution for sport supplements and baby formulas.

Spill Free

Fully integrated funneling system insures precision dosing into the bottle of choice - aluminum reusable to plastic disposable.

Supports Premium

Brands can support their image through innovative and quality packaging solutions that are as GREEN as they are convenient.

Premium powders deserve premium packaging

Premium Products

  • Dietary Supplements
  • Beverages
  • Pet Food/Supplements
  • Spirits, Liquors, Mixed Drinks


  • Patent pending, green dispensing technology
  • Dispenses large powder/fluid payloads
  • Spill-free delivery into ANY size container
  • Cost-competitive with conventional packets/sachets


  • Distinctive shelf presence
  • Enhanced consumer experience
  • Precise, controlled dosing
  • A solution with a difference




SuppServe Corp.
4125 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Suite 260
T (925)736-8363
Email: sup (at) suppshot (dot) com
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Handling the gamut of nutritional supplement products with no solution or viable single-serve options. Are pillow-packs really an option?


There are many products floating around the garage, kitchen and laundry room that are sold in bulk and require dosing by the customer. Save the customer the trouble!

Baby Formula

Moms know all to well that dosing their infants baby formula can be troubling, especially on-the-go. Let the mommies worry about their infants - we can take care of their baby formulas!

Spirits and Liquors

Party animals hate hassle. What could be easier than a large single-serve dose of cocktail mixer shrink packed together with the liquor!

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